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Anthony DeVitis was born and raised in Akron Ohio's North Hill District, which many had referred to as Akron's 'Little Italy.'  Anthony attended Akron Public Schools, and he later went on to study at The University of Akron. 

At a young age, Anthony recognized the value of hard work by witnessing his father's work ethic as he managed his second generation Italian specialty food store. Anthony started working for his father at sixteen years old, continuing throughout college. He then realized that the business was in his blood and dedicated himself to working full time at the store, later becoming co-owner and Vice President of DeVitis Italian Market. 

He and his wife, Kathleen, have enjoyed 30 years of marriage. They have two children, Evelyn and Clark. After years of church membership, volunteer work, and business success, Anthony felt compelled to serve his community through public service.

With help from his family and supporters, Anthony achieved his first bid election victory in the City of Green as Ward 3 councilperson. While serving on council, he cut the city's budget and created a more business friendly environment, which resulted in a significant increase in good paying jobs for the city. In 2011, Anthony was appointed to the Ohio General Assembly;  he has been elected 3 consecutive terms. He works every day to introduce, pass and support bills that help further the economy in his district and for the State of Ohio. 

Anthony DeVitis continues to work as a small business owner, job creator, and dedicated public servant, who continually offers his business expertise, fiscal responsibility acumen, and sound decision-making to better the quality of life for Ohioans.

Anthony DeVitis

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strengthening our economy

DeVitis: Strengthening Our Economy

Anthony DeVitis is a small business owner who knows what it takes to keep and create jobs. Endorsed by business, labor and community leaders, DeVitis has worked to cut excessive government rules and regulations to help strengthen our economy.

leadership for our schools

DeVitis: Leadership for Our Schools

Anthony DeVitis has worked to reduce unfunded mandates and increase funding for education. He believes a quality education is a passport to success in life, which is why he has been a champion for our local schools and a strong supporter of vocational education. His leadership has earned him the endorsement of local teachers and the Ohio Education Association. 

fighting for the middle class

DeVitis: Fighting for the Middle Class

Now more than ever, Ohio’s middle class needs leaders fighting for them. We can trust Anthony DeVitis to put our families first. DeVitis has worked to protect our tax dollars, reduce taxes and fight the skyrocketing cost of college and health care. 

voice for our community

DeVitis: A Voice for Our Community

Anthony DeVitis is a leader we count on to make sure our community’s voice is heard in Columbus. His work has led to funding for numerous local projects, including, $1.25 million for the Summit County Battered Women's Shelter, $750,000 for the Gorge Dam removal project and $400,000 for the City of Green's Central Park. 

drug epidemic

DeVitis: Tackling the Drug Epidemic

Ohio is in the grips of a drug epidemic that is devastating families and communities, and stretching first responders to the limit. Anthony DeVitis has supported increased funding and tougher laws to help combat the drug crisis. He will continue working with local law enforcement, EMTs and addiction specialists to improve Ohio’s response to this epidemic.


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